Strength and Conditioning With The Training Lab: Have It Your Own Way

Weston, we have arrived at the time of year when net intake does not equal net outtake, where intake is food and outtake is s…umm, calorie burn. So what are you going to do besides run laps around the neighborhood with your run club? Pretend to plank while watching World Cup games? Yoga online? Here’s another suggestion: call up (or email up) Nicole Cotnoir at The Training Lab in Weston.

As some of my most avid readers may remember, the Owl covered the opening of The Training Lab in September 2021. Now, after more than a year in business, the torture devices workout machines are all in place, the classes are moving along and Nicole is waiting for your sheepish arrrival after you have single-handedly finished off the pecan and the apple pies (ahem).

The Training Lab offers many workout options–there is small group training that take place Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (MWF 7:30 am and noon, Weds at 4:30 and Saturday at 10 am). You can choose to come to one, two or three trainings a week because some weeks you are just going to need more (again, ahem). One of the things I like best about working out in a small class is that all of the workouts can be modified if you have any injury or bum toenail or whatever.

Nicole says that most of her clients so far are Weston residents, though some Wayland and Wellesleys come through too. New clients get a discount for a first class where they may learn the appropriate movements of strengthening in a one-on-one class. All levels are always welcome.

One of the big changes from the first year is that there is a growing number of high school athletes participating in one-on-one and small group classes. For example, there is a semi-private group of hockey athletes — 3 to 4 high school kids working with Nicole to “be best” for hockey season. The youngest of her clients? There is one 11-year old working on strength training.

“I love working with small groups for their specific needs–is it for conditioning, strength, some specialized muscle focus?” says Nicole. “I’ve worked with runners, soccer players, and casual athletes. Whatever your challenge, I am ready!”

Client Angela Fitch getting her workout on

Nicole encourages all of those considering one-on-one or small group training to schedule an introductory meeting with her–to get to know each other and see if there is a good fit. You can find Nicole by filling out the contact form on the website.

The Training Lab is located next to Walgreens and Knox Park at 391 Boston Post Road.

And before anyone gets crazy, yes, there are a few training places and trainers in Weston and the Owl has no favorites. Or they are all favorites, if you want to look at it that way. Work out local, Weston, you choose where.

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