Holiday Happenings At Land’s Sake: Rotary Club Trees, More Trees, Claus Visits and Gift Baskets

Photo by Oliver Dumoulin on Unsplash

In all honesty, Weston, you are exhausting me this week. Why is EVERYTHING this weekend? There are two more perfectly good weekends until Christmas and there is no need to stuff EVERYTHING into December 3 and 4. Trust me when I say that if ONE more organization gives me stuff to post for this weekend, well, I’ll still post it but it will cost you one holiday cookie. Oh fine, I guess that would be called bribery. I’ll post it without complaint or with it, you choose.

Onwards. At the exciting and somewhat surreal Weston Train Depot meeting this week, I ran into Beth Marshdoyle, Land’s Sake Goddess (not sure if that is an actual title) and got the scoop on MORE STUFF. So without further ado, because there has been a lot of ado so far, here’s what’s happening at Land’s Sake (and you can always sign up for their Community Cultivator newsletter and hear it from folks who are slightly less wordy than the Owl).

Cut Your Own Tree from the Christmas Tree “farm” on Sears Land. Saturday, December 3, 10 am-2 pm. This is big time do-it-yourself and you have to be okay with hearing the tree scream. Oh, just kidding folks, that “Hidden Lives of Trees” book was surely exaggerating. Or was it? Be ready to get down and dirty–bring your own saw if you have one (no chain saws, wise guys), gloves, and rope for the tree on top of your Tahoe. Trees are around $85. Park at the Melone House down that looooong driveway at 27 Crescent Street. (*enter 25 Crescent St. if using a GPS or you may not find it. Crescent St is off of Rt. 20/Boston Post Road and it’s all the way down a long, winding driveway). Note if you are caught cutting down any other tree there that is not a “farmed” Christmas tree, prepare for vingança.

Canadian trees, eh? Photo: Land’s Sake or Rotary, don’t know

Rotary Club’s Christmas Tree Sale at Land’s Sake farmstand. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11 am-4 pm through December 18 or until the last stuff is gone. The  Weston Wayland Rotary Club is selling Christmas Trees & Holiday Wreaths at the farmstand (90 Wellesley Street) with proceeds to benefit various charitable projects. Select from a variety of balsam fir trees from Nova Scotia (that’s Canada, eh? which is currently losing to Morocco in the WC) and select a wreath to decorate at the farm or at home. Trees range from about $60-$120 at $12/foot. 

Kris and Holly.

Kris Kringle and Holly Claus Visit Land’s Sake. Sunday, December 4, 1 pm-4 pm. So did you know that there is no clear first name for Mrs. Claus? This is ridiculous, even if you do buy into the whole red-suited North Pole gang. She has a first name, and the Owl intern says it is either Holly, Anna or Jessica. I suspect the last one is from that holiday special. However, I am going with Holly, one of my favorite girl names. In any case. Holly Claus and Mr. Claus (take that, one-sided storytellers) will be around for photos and fun for three hours on Sunday before returning north to herd the reindeer. Thank. you, Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland. (P.S. Why does Land’s Sake not get some reindeer for petting? We have an Animal Barn now, no? Next year). Again, the farmstand is located at 90 Wellesley Street.

Farmstand Gift Baskets and Open Farmstand in December. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm. Closed after December 18 until May 2023. Did you know that December 18 is Keith Richards’ birthday? Any coincidence? Probably not. Lots of local products and nice gift baskets for holiday gift-giving. You can check them out online as well.


I think that just about covers it for Weston’s community farm and I need to go cheer on Croatia because seriously now.

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