Waltham Boys and Girls Club Needs New Winter Clothing and the Time is Now

Photo courtesy of WBGC

Weirdly, WordPress now has a question of the day to start off blog posts. Today’s is “What are your two favorite things to wear?” which is frankly none of anyone’s business. Fine, it turns out that hiking shoes and slippers are right up there. But the question also reminds me that there are children in the metrowest who need warm winter clothing and the time is RIGHT NOW. The frost is on ground, folks.

The WHS Class of 2025 and the Waltham Boys and Girls Club are making it easy for you to do good and to do good child by child. On this sign-up genius, you will see there are individual kids with individual needs. They’re not asking for video games and new iphones. No, it’s snow pants, warm winter coats, hats, mittens. Light blue is a favorite color for Chris, he needs a hat and mittens and a winter jacket. Aayan likes rainbow colors and needs winter warmups as well. Isabella needs socks and a winter coat. These are individual kids and they need you.

Please consider having yourself a shop for these kids (all items must be new) and know that what you purchase they will love and use all winter long. You do not need to be associated with Weston public schools to participate but all items must be dropped off at the high school (or send the Owl a note and she’ll pick up) by December 6 which is St. Nicholas Day. Items will be sorted by Class of 2025 sophomores and then will make their way to the Waltham Boys and Girls Club.

Make a kid’s life warmer and better.

Go ‘cats!

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