Weekend Happenings In and Around Weston (Plus Soccer)

Photo by Al Elmes on Unsplash

So, Weston, are you ready for the weekend? Well, get your time turners ready because I do not believe it is possible to attend every single event, but with the right strategy, you may get to most of them. One little wrinkle in the possibility of the total weekend win is the USA vs Netherlands World Cup (that’s soccer) game at 10 am on Saturday (I recommend Telemundo because no one can resist their “aroma de gol” and goooooooooolllllllllllllllllllll moments. No one. If you don’t speak Spanish, it doesn’t matter). In addition, and to be covered in another Owl, a Wildcat alum (Henry Osborn), will be playing (again it’s soccer) for the Williams Ephs (what?) in the D3 National Championships on Saturday at 12. Go ‘cats!

Oh, there’s more to life than soccer? Who knew? In that case, let’s take a quick look at four other events happening this weekend that are not in Weston but take place nearby and you should go have fun in your free five minutes. The Winter Market is at the Umbrella Friday, Saturday and Sunday–always some good stuff there (but shop Weston’s own Handmade Holiday Market too), the Holiday House Tour is in Concord on Saturday for one day only, and the Family Trees continue at Concord Museum. I super love Concord at this time of year; can you tell? I do also love the Festival of Trees at Elm Bank in Wellesley–don’t forget to check that out.

The best way to see what’s going on in Weston is to head over to the Owl calendar here. On it, you can find the details of each event and plan out your plan of action. Included this weekend are the following events:

Wow!! That’s a lot of stuff! And to go with the calendar, most items have their very own Owl post–which I am not going to link here because who has time? Not me. There’s a search function on the home page, have at it.

Yesterday the Weston Garden Club spent the morning making and distributing beautiful wreaths and holiday displays including at the AIC and the watering trough. Look at our lovely postcard at the JST–wreaths on all the windows. You can look at that inside and out on Saturday. Take a stroll, Weston, and don’t forget to visit our downtown businesses as well. The Owl is meeting with the Squirrel this morning (true story) at Heirloom and then will make some rounds of Weston Table and Weston Provisions if time allows. Support our local business, Weston!

And finally, USA! USA! (and Brazil too at 2 pm today!)

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