Updated: Frosty’s Head is Home. Frosty’s Lost His Head and He Needs Your Help

Update 12/7/2022: Frosty’s head has been returned.

There are days when I stretch around and look for stuff to write about and then there’s today. I have been contacted by the super awesome Women’s Community League of Weston who put on one fantastic show on Saturday during the Winter Festival (they scoff at rain and wind) to see if the Owl can help get the word out about a missing item. Specifically Frosty’s head. Apparently, someone has walked off with it.

Now I don’t know if you remember the whole story about Frosty but if he gets caught in this week’s warming trend, he will MELT entirely and of course leave a huge charge for the WCL to cover on costume rental. Also I can guarantee you that some other event is waiting for Frosty to come back to home base so they can put him into action in Wayland or Wellesley or other non-W town. Let’s not disappoint the kids who definitely do not want to see a Headless Snowman–we leave that for horsemen in Sleepy Hollow.

If you know anything pertaining to the “wear”-abouts of Frosty’s head, please encourage the mischief maker to drop it off in front of Town Hall (steps would be great) sometime soon. No questions asked. Remember that it is St. Nicholas Day tomorrow, and you have a last chance not to earn coal.

Behave, Weston.

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