Powderpuff Game Results: Weston Wins but Tradition Remains in Limbo

Post-game friendliness. /Photo credit Robin Ewald.

A couple of weeks ago, pre-Thanksgiving, our tiny town high school and the medium town high school next door (Wayland) were involved in a skirmish — or rather two, one off the field and one on the field. Both skirmishes involved the traditional Powderpuff game which is played by high school girls and coached by boys.

The Owl followed along as the Powderpuff showed up on the schedule, then came off of the schedule, an emailed letter arrived from the principal, then a petition online and then victoire and then another victoire. At print time of the high school’s Wildcat Tracks, the Powderpuff game was canceled and the current print version has that headline. The online story is currently being edited for the Tracks, but the Wayland Student Newspaper carries an excellent background story of the situation.

Photo credit: Wayland Student Press Network

Please note that the tradition remains “canceled” for next year and the following years but if you ask the Owl, and you didn’t, it might be a good plan to find a way to make this happen. Like perhaps the Turkey Bowl (between Police, Fire, Dads and HS players in Weston this past weekend) adds a division which is Powderpuff and then maybe it’s fine? Seems okay to me.

In any case, the Owl was not at the game because you know soccer vs football and the World Cup. The following summary of the game was submitted by Robin Ewald, parent of Kaitlyn Ewald:

“Despite the annual Weston Wayland pre – Turkey Day  Powderpuff game getting canceled by Weston and Wayland high schools, the game went on at Wayland HS on Wednesday,  November 28. The Weston girls won! The Weston boys football team coached our girls to victory.

Crazy -fast Kaitlyn Ewald (running back who knows nothing about football) ran right, hit a defensive roadblock, ran left, and lost a few yards much to the dismay of her spectators/coaches but then found a window and ran south for the only touchdown of the game. Julia Barber (soccer player who humbled the coaches with her ability to “kick like a girl”) scored a field goal.

The whole stadium erupted and stampeded the field when our girls won. It was awesome!! Andi no one got hurt.”


In another arbitrary Owl opinion, I have to say I love the Wayland-Weston rivalry– our fren-emy — as much as I loved growing up with the New Canaan Rams – Darien Blue Wave rivalry in Connecticut. We have a few combined teams (girls ice hockey and Wayland-Weston crew) and a few die-hard opponent teams (boys soccer for one). We are the two smallest schools in the Dual County League at 840ish students (Wayland) and 650ish students (Weston) competing against giants like Concord-Carlisle and Newton South. We stick together, and we compete against each other too. In truth, I find the Wayland fans the best in the league — go to an away game there sometime and check it out.

Go Warriors and go ‘cats!

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