Time for Weston Tails Episode 3 with Weston’s Animal Control Officer

Next up on Netflix Weston Media Center is a Weston Tails episode focused on what an animal control officer does and guess what? It’s not clean up the poop bags on the trails. Or save sick coyotes or raccoons. Do not ask what happens to sick and troublesome raccoons. You don’t want to know.

If you have not met Karen O’Reilly, Weston Police Department’s ACO, I surmise you have no animals, have never seen an animal wild or domestic, or do not live in Weston. Oh fine, you may not have met her but you must have seen the green machine, no? I give up.

In this latest episode, Karen talks about Hobbes, our favorite snapping turtle, what to do if you have wildlife issues in your yard, and the difference between an ACO and an animal inspector. She is both, by the way, but they are not the same thing. Watch and learn! Run time is less than the intermission time on your favorite World Cup game!

Yes, at the half, Brazil 4, South Korea 0.


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