New Stuff at the Old High School

Working Together in the Science Wing. Courtesy photo.

Have you ever gotten a new piece of furniture or a new rug for an old space and found the place completely transformed and delightful? And then you wonder why you didn’t do that before. This is the experience currently at Weston High School with new places to sit, study or hang out in the Science Wing. Reports from Owlets are that the first days of new furniture were so packed with happy high school loungers that they couldn’t even find a seat except for squishing in at the booths on one side.

The Owlets also had one suggestion to make it even better which would be to be playing the World Cup games on the large TV there. School announcements? Nah.Neymar.

While not exactly new at 10 years old, the Science Wing of the High School is the most modern area of the facility which dates from 1962. It is the Owl’s opinion that the old part of the high school should be crushed and an entirely new and environmentally wonderful building be built for our esteemed students. It is also the Owl’s opinion that this will never pass Town Meeting and the town of Weston will long ask our kids to reprise scenes from old movies in the hallways. Just for perspective, Grease takes place in 1959 (three years before our high school was built) though Olivia Newton-John’s pleather pants are timeless.

Where was I? Oh yes, furniture. Love.

Feeling science-y? Us too.

Go ‘cats!


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