WPL Film Club December 8: If Beale Street Could Talk

The Owl is going to change her name to the Rabbit because much like an Alice in Wonderland thumper, I am feeling like I am perpetually late. Today, December 8, actually in about two hours, the Weston Public Library presents this week’s Film Club, this time at the Weston AIC. You have time to eat lunch, get there, park and watch this interesting movie at 1:30 pm. All are invited, attendance is free:

And now for the marketing materials:



Based on the novel by James Baldwin and set in the early 70s Harlem, this film tells the story of Tish and Fonnie, two childhood friends who have started a romantic relationship. Fonnie hopes to be an artist, but life becomes progressively more difficult when Tish becomes pregnant and Fonnie is arrested on trumped-up charges. At turns heartbreaking and infuriating, this story about love struggling to prevail amidst oppression proves to be a supremely resonant journey.

BE ADVISED–– This film is rated R, with smoking, drinking, and intense moments of profanity, sexual intercourse, sexual harassment, domestic violence as well as chronic structural and institutional racism.

The Weston Art & Innovation Center is located at 356 Boston Post Road. There is plenty of free parking nearby on the street or next to the JST, or around the back corner of the building.

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