Weekend Calendar: December 9th to 11th

Richarlison, Brasil Image credit

Hmmm, let’s see. What am I going to be doing this weekend? Slipping my mind…ah yes, this weekend has the quarterfinal matches of the World Cup, folks. That’s football/soccer and it has taken over my days, in case you hadn’t noticed. I know more than I should admit about the backstories of many of the players, the teams, and the countries. I am dead last in my World Cup betting pool (intra-family, don’t worry, the mafia will not hunt me down) but I don’t care (-ish). I am the best World Cup fashion reporter out there but you’d need to be on my personal Facebook page to catch it. Yes, Spain did lose because it wore Celeste’s blue. Duh.

In any case, if you think I’ll be doing anything but watching the boys at 10 am and 2 pm today and 10 am and 2 pm tomorrow, you have no idea who you are dealing with. I would like to apologize in advance to the Owlets’ 10 am class teachers because it’s cultural and important and there is zero chance that Brazilians will be doing anything but watching futebol during that time. Write that down for my equity audit. Brazil vs Croatia kick off at 10 am, you should wear yellow and cheer for the South Americans because honestly, my whole household will come tumbling down if the result goes the wrong way.

Argentina vs the Netherlands is at 2 pm and though it breaks my Dutch heart, you must cheer for Argentina because of Messi, my favorite professional footballer of all time. This will be his last Cup. Also, I get tired of European teams. There I’ve said it–do I have to put that in my equity audit too? By the way, if Argentina gets through this round, then you cheer against them because they may meet Brazil (knock on wood). Are you following? I’ll let you know how you should cheer on Saturday when I decide how I feel about France vs England. Love to watch Mbappé but England is lovely.

Ah, okay, apparently there are things other than the World Cup happening this weekend. Hunh. Well, as before I suggest you head over to the Owl event calendar and read all about it. All events there have backstories, I think. Want me to do the two-minute sum up? Okay.

Friday, December 9: World Cup (vai Brasil y Argentina), Christmas trees and gift baskets at Land’s Sake, Kerri Maher and the Paris Bookseller event, jewelry party and drumming, Sound of Music with Weston Friendly (last performances this weekend).

Saturday, December 10: World Cup (still on the fence on Morocco/Portugal and England/France), Christmas trees and stuff at Land’s Sake, open studio with Larry Grob, ceramics party in Framingham, last performances of Sound of Music, Skate with Santa (bring some toys), Grand Owls arrive.

Sunday, December 11: Christmas trees and stuff at Land’s Sake, Santa at the Methodist Church, more open studio with Larry, prepare your bets for next round of World Cup, decorate tree, relax.


Have a great weekend, Weston. Oh, and I recommend you watch the World Cup on Telemundo even if you don’t speak Spanish. Their goooooollllllllllllllls make my day. Sometimes I wish they would narrate my life.


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