Snowy Owls, Drawing and Jewelry Making at the AIC

Have you ever felt just a tiny bit stabby about something happening in your life? Have I ever got inexpensive therapy for you! Take a needle felting class at the Art & Innovation Center–and this month, the theme is an OWL!!! Not only that, but it is this Owl’s favorite of all owls, the Snowy Owl. The timing could not be more perfect–I can guarantee you that by December 21 and the holiday shopping traffic and overload, you will be needing (needling?) to get stabby.

During the pandemic, the Owl took a needle felting class online through zoom with the AIC–the theme was evergreen trees and I still have the two I made, and all the needle felting “stuff”. It was incredibly rewarding to work fluffs of felt into a form that is even recognizable….mostly…if you screw up your eyes a bit. And the stabbing–you work the felt into forms by needle stabbing. Very therapeutic until you hit your finger for the tenth time.

One tree done, one to go.

As always, there’s lots going on at the AIC–not only this month but next month and really forever and ever. The Owl loved her “From Drawing to Painting” class which is carrying on in Season 2 when our characters learn all kinds of new techniques. Having now set up her home studio for badly imitating famous artists, the Owl is on to something new which is one of the jewelry classes. Not your cup of tea? Lots of other fun things to explore and no better time of year to be creative inside with friends old and new.

The Weston Art & Innovation Center is located at 356 Boston Post Road.

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