WHS Winter Chorus Concert: Don’t Miss It – December 20

Image courtesy of WHS and amazing performer and WHS student Sofia Sanzone

It’s hard to believe but sometimes the Owl takes criticism–and sometimes it’s even warranted, haha. One of the pieces of constructive criticism is that the Owl’s beady eye focus is frequently on high school sports, and the Owl does not carry news of high school music, theatre, robotics, debate, etc etc. And that is true: the Owlets don’t do drama outside of their own home, and no one needs to hear either one sing. Trust me on this. So I don’t always know what’s going on and I TOTALLY welcome people telling me about it by email to thewestonowl@gmail.com. Which is how I came to know of the upcoming Chorus event.

The FANTASTIC Choral groups of Weston High School will be putting on their winter show next week. You will not believe this is a high school concert–I do not actually know how WHS turns the wavering voices of elementary (sorry not sorry for that veiled comment based on many many many concerts) students into the inspirational voices of young adults at the high school. I know there is someone named Mr. Eldridge involved, and some others including New Zealanders.

The best musical 45 minutes you’ll get on Wednesday, December 20 at 7:30 pm at Weston High School’s Auditorium. $5 for adults and free for everyone else. Don’t miss it.

Go ‘cats!

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