Lincoln’s Old Town Hall Exchange Re-Opens: Shopping Magic 2.0

I am fully aware that all of you believe that I spend all of my time either shopping or watching the World Cup. That would be an exaggeration, but not fully wrong I will say that the former has been a lot less stressful than the latter, and that is definitely because we happen to live in a wonderful confluence of locally-owned shops. If only Jeff Bezos knew that I have gotten justnone present online so not sure he can afford that $500 million yacht anymore.

On a daily perusal of news from next door (Lincoln’s community listserve), I noted the announcement that the Old Town Hall Exchange is open again after a long pandemic-related hiatus. The Exchange is located in Lincoln’s former town hall which is across from the “new” town hall at 25 Lincoln Road. It shares the building with Lincoln’s second post office which is closed for window service sadly.

Inside is a volunteer-run shop of delight. On the main floor are books, cards, Lincoln-themed articles, ornaments, doo-dads from around the world, jewelry, a fox plate that I coveted but did not get, children’s items, puzzles, and home decor. Also scarves and advent calendars and penny candy. And more.

In this photo: the fox plate I super wanted but did not get.

Carefully navigating a creaky narrow staircase down to the historic basement, the Grand Owl and I found tables and closets and bookcases filled with consignment antiques and items that you didn’t know you need. Old quilts, china, decor items, hidden treasures. I picked up one Italian-made item for Mr. Owl and since he reads this blog, you will have to wait for the reveal after Christmas.

Basement antiques

Back upstairs, those of you with card and stationery obsessions will love the table filled with individual cards and sets. You can do as I do and pick up photo cards of Lincoln that look just like Weston. No one cares. They have many Lincoln-themed items and I always wonder why Weston does not. We need to work on our community spirit and doo-dads.

Items are well-priced, unique and if you don’t find something for everyone on your list (including yourself), I surmise that you have difficult teenagers.

My favorite stocking stuffers are the beautiful and inexpensive ornaments, and the socks with profanity-filled perspectives on life. Everyone needs socks. Everyone.

So many ornaments, not a big enough tree

Items for your dog? Sure. Books? Why not. I puzzled over a nice little wallet card case but put it down.

There is also a small and charming baby gift area. Tiny sweaters, toys, games and puzzles. Fantastic stuffed animals.

Kid stuff

The Owl’s recommendation? Stop by the Exchange immediately if not sooner. Shop a bunch and then do what the Grand Owl and I did–go get some salads over at Twisted Tree at Lincoln Station, then head into Something Special for any last items. Basically, you are done with all of your retail fun, supported local business, and you haven’t left a 2-mile radius of your house (oh wait, that’s me living on the coveted northside).

Current hours:

Tuesday from noon -4pm

Wednesday 11am- 3pm

Thursday  noon-4pm

Friday from 10-1pm

Shop local!


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