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WPL Storytime with Weston Police – Wednesday, February 1

Pajama Storytime with the Weston Police Department – February 1 Announcing pajama storytime with the Weston Police! Our local police officers will be reading stories, explaining their jobs and according to the marketing materials, bringing a police cruiser inside the Storytime Room. Umm…what? No, not the latter. Apparently, K9 Officer Knox will not be putting in an appearance which quite

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February COA Discussion Group: The Supreme Court and Reproductive Rights

There are a number of Weston Titan families–if you don’t know who they are, well, you may be in luck in the future as I have beseeched the Danforth siblings to do a series of profiles in the Owl. While waiting for our attorneys to hammer out the final details (no, not really), here’s your chance to meet Nick Danforth,

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Do the Waltham Mountains Keep Us Safe from Framingham? Discuss

A friend of mine sent me a hilarious article from this morning. The screenshots of social media humor made my entire morning, even with my own struggles with the keyboard-from-hell. There is a time and place for paying attention to social media, and that is right now. The beginning of the article sets up the situation: “The Last of

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Community Forum with Weston Educators – Monday, February 6

On my mailbox yesterday (yes “on” not in) was a flyer about an upcoming Community Forum on Monday, February 6 at 6:30 pm with members of the Weston Education Association, aka the teacher’s union. The forum will be held in person in the Community Room of the Library, as well as available on zoom. The Owl has little humor this

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Global Diversity Fair: Good Fun and Learning for All

On Thursday, January 26, the Weston PTO sponsored the Global Diversity Fair (GDF) for the elementary school population–that is Field, Country and Woodland Schools. I will continue to say that Weston has the cutest named elementary schools on the planet, but really needs work on Middle and High Schools. I think it’s time to go for corporate sponsorship like the

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Fourteen WHS Students Accepted for All-State Band, Chorus & Orchestra

In case you all think that the Owl cares only for Wildcat Sports, guess again! While neither of the Owlets followed a musical path (to the intense relief of their third-grade violin instructors), I am amazed and thrilled that we have such musically talented kids in our schools. And talented teachers, if I forgot to mention that, which I did

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