Weston Public Schools Back in Session Today, January 3

It had to happen: rest and respite from geometry, physics and Of Mice and Men are over. Weston Public Schools are back in session today and the yellow buses making their morning, afternoon and evening rounds. This means rest and respite from the Intersection of Doom (School/BPR/Church) samba is also over–how wonderful it was yesterday to be the first and only car at that four-way stop. In the Coruja’s last update from Brazil that will take place right now, I will tell you that Brazil drivers are much much MUCH better than Massachusetts drivers and I will miss them, though not the traffic on Marginal Tiete at 2 pm on a Monday.

There will be no first-Wednesday early release day this month and for all those with high schoolers, we are starting off with the Day 4 rotation. The only break this month is for Martin Luther King, Jr Day which will be celebrated on Monday, January 16. Winter sports enter “the meat” of their season, as the track coach puts it, and you can follow weekly schedules either at Arbiter Live and through the Weston Athletics page. This week’s schedule has not yet been updated but I know the track team has a meet at the gorgeous new New Balance facility on Wednesday. Go ‘cats!

On the schedule I see a number of musical/theatrical competitions and events, but with no musical famly members, I cannot help there. The Owl gratefully accepts any community submissions about upcoming events. The Schools calendar is available here.

District communications yesterday advised anyone not feeling well to stay home from school. No one gives you a special prize, parents, for perfect attendance that involves sending in the sniffing and the hacking kids. Please keep the community safe. December was full of flu and Covid around town, and let’s try to keep that down to a minimum. Maskng remains optional and all schools a judgement-free zone – if you wear a mask, yay, if you don’t also yay.

Anyone positive for covid should be home days 0-5, and then allowed to come back days 6-10 unless they still have a fever. It would be preferred that days 6-10 were masked. I am not making this all up by the way; there is the District communication if you have children in the system. When in doubt, call your school’s nurse, they are pretty awesome.

Happy 2023, ‘cats!

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