Silent Earth: Saving Our Insects – How to Be a Bug Moderator Jan 21

Rockefeller Beetles at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

As everyone knows, the Owl is a huge fan of bugs and insects and, if you must know, has a grandfather-crush on Sir David Attenborough. When the Rockefeller beetles exhibit opened up at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Owl was first in line (yeah, David Rockefeller is also a bit of a hero over here, too). So, it is no surprise that the upcoming virtual presentation on Saturday, January 21 at 2 pm about Silent Earth: Insect Decline has long been in the Owl diary. And it should be in yours.

Presented by and in partnership with the Massachusetts Pollinator NetworkLexington Living LandscapesLincoln Land Conservation Trust and Mass Audubon, this presentation by Professor Dave Goulson, owner of a cool British accent, will present why insects are vital, fascinating, weird and wonderful. They are food, pollinators, recyclers, pest controllers, and much more, so we should be deeply concerned that they are in rapid decline.

Dave Goulson will explain the many causes of insect decline, and then turn to the solutions to this crisis. We can all help in many ways, first by turning our gardens and urban greenspaces into oases for life, and second by fundamentally changing the way we grow food and the food we buy.

Dave Goulson is Professor of Biology at University of Sussex in England, specializing in bee ecology. He has published more than 350 scientific articles on the ecology and conservation of bumblebees and other insects, plus seven books, including the Sunday Times bestsellers A Sting in the Tale (2013), The Garden Jungle (2019), and Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse (2021). Goulson founded the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in 2006, a charity that has grown to 12,000 members. In 2015 he was named number 8 in BBC Wildlife Magazine’s list of the top 50 most influential people in conservation. He is an “Ambassador” for the UK Wildlife Trusts and president of Pesticide Free Scotland.

Please register here for this program and you’ll receive the Zoom link in the confirmation and reminder emails – make sure to check your spam folder for them. Contact with any questions.

This program is made possible by generous donors to the Cary Library Foundation.


This meme sums up where you want to be in the friend chart. If you don’t want to be the bug person, at least be the bug moderator:


  • My four-year-old grandson is fascinated by bugs. I would love to take him to the Instituto Butantan– he would be beside himself. Thank you for your posts from Brazil.

    • If you haven’t taken him to Harvard National History Museum, the beetle exhibit is extraordinary. And my great hope is that the Caterpillar Lab will come to Weston Library at some point…they have wonderful youtube videos too… love them.

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