Bristol Lodge in Waltham Seeks Food Donations

The Owl was contacted by local resident Laurie Grossman about the special need for food for our neighbors at the Waltham Bristol Lodge. The food pantry serves about 200 families weekly and is in need of more supplies, including all types of shelf-stable food as well as fresh produce. Families line up at 8 am in all kinds of weather just to get food at 9 am.

Food can be dropped off at the Bristol Lodge location at 545 Moody Street by 8 am on Wednesdays. If you cannot make it to the Lodge at that time, Laurie is happy to have people drop off items at her house during the week. Please contact her at to get the address.

Food insecurity is real and it is right next door, so please consider how to help.


  • My experience with food drives (I taught at at a public school that has food drives) is that the food banks can buy quantities of food at cheaper prices than we can. Food donations are good, cash donations are more efficient. Can I assume Bristol thinks the same way?

  • you can let me know if you would like me to pick it up and deliver it on Wednesday morning; they open at 9:00 to the public and drop off is at 8:00
    thank you.

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