Heat Pumps: What’s the Deal, Anyway? Learn More January 17

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About two years ago, friends of the Owls who live in Newton sold their big beautiful home and moved to a much smaller home in West Newton. And the Owl could not help herself but say “whhhyyyyy would you sell that awesome house for this other house (which it must be said is equally as awesome and where Katie Puppy spends her vacation time)?” And our friends said, “because we can’t stand thinking about the size of our carbon footprint.” Which was eye-opening to me. And maybe to some other folks, too.

If you’re not ready to sell Southfork yet, or in fact are in the middle of building Southfork, or have no idea what the reference to Southfork is (big sigh for you Gen Zs), you may want to start off thinking about heat pumps for your home or second home or heck, it’s Weston, a home. The Owl family had not been thinking of heat pumps until not one but BOTH of our HVAC systems fritzed in the last two years. I am not sure if you know this but HVAC systems are super expensive so you’ll want to spend some time thinking about it. I have recommendations there if you need them.

Now here’s the news on heat pumps: yes, they cost a bunch but right now there are INCENTIVES of the monetary kind to put them in. For our home, it cost only slightly more for a heat pump than a “regular” HVAC system once the rebate came in. And it took the state only three months to pay up which is pretty swift. And you’re doing a good thing which is PRICELESS.

Take some time to learn more with actual facts at this January 17 Metrowest Climate Solutions presentation:


Heat Pumps: How to Cut Your Carbon Footprint

with Steve Breit, cofounder of HeatSmart Alliance

Steve will explain why heat pumps can greatly reduce your home’s climate impact, which type of heat pump might be right for your home, and what it will cost you to install and operate. He’ll also summarize available incentives. Following Steve, three local residents will talk about their experiences installing heat pumps in their homes. [The Owl is not one of these residents. No one asked.]

There will be plenty of time to ask questions.

The HeatSmart Alliance mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating adoption of energy-efficient heat pumps in Massachusetts homes and businesses. Some of their volunteers provide free coaching on heat pump adoption.

Tuesday, January 17, 7:00 PM

Click here to register for this free event

About MetroWest Climate Solutions: Our mission is to inspire sustainable, resilient and equitable communities and to host timely and relevant programs that encourage people and organizations to get involved in bringing about solutions.  MCS is a local partnership of organizations and congregations including First Parish in Wayland, First Parish Church in Weston, First Parish in Lincoln, the Congregational Church of Weston, Sustainable Weston Action Group (SWAG), and a growing list of communities and individuals. You can learn more here: https://www.metrowestclimatesolutions.org/

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