Best Places in Weston for a Snow-Laced Sunny Day Walk

Update 10:26 am. French’s Field

The Owl has got to write this one in about 5 minutes because the sun, appearing for the first time in six days, is pulling me outside. I’m already late. My strong advice to you, Westonians, is to GET OUTSIDE and find joy in the snow. Because, so they say, if you don’t, you have less joy but the same amount of snow.

So, here, in a quick gift to you from 2023, are my top favorites for snowy walks (you can follow your WFTA map, use AllTrails or the Weston GIS map on your phone:

The Swamp. Jericho.

Coveted Northside:

College Pond: Park at Burchard, head out to the right of the tennis courts, along the pond and on to the fields which will have a white snowy carpet. There are few ways to get lost in College Pond, and you will have the Campion Bells to keep you company on the hour every hour. Walk up to the Merriam Barn ruins at the top of the brush dump/onion field and marvel at those walls.

Jericho Town Forest to French’s Field: Park at Dickson Ring, near Acorn Lane. Head down to left of horse rings, take the major right turn (intersection 2) to follow carriage trails to the first sign of the Bay Circuit Trail, turn right and check out the huge field in the middle of nowhere. Sit on an Eagle Scout bench. Marvel. Get lost. Everyone does. Who cares? Where else are you going to be today?

Ogilvie Town Forest: Park at Ponyhenge on Old Sudbury Road in Lincoln. Pass through gate on southside of road, across the boardwalk and into the woods of Weston. Follow signs for the Bay Circuit Trail and you will come upon the Christmas tree, which probably has not been packed up by the elves yet. Loop back or follow your way back.

Ogilvie mit Owl

Neutral Central Weston:

Rail Trail/Sears Land. Park at Church Street train station or downtown Weston and walk the rail trail towards the east. When the paths branch off to the right with the W signs, you’re in Sears Land. Wander about. Find the great heron island at Duck Pond. You can also park at Melone Homestead.

Desirable Southside:

Hubbard Forest: Park at end of Gail Road at Burt Field, circumnavigate the baseball field to the north, enter the woods and walk down the trails south of the stream, and then return on the north. This is WFTA land and there is a nice hidden old pond just before Ridgeway. Head onwards to Orchard Avenue.

Highland Forest: Park at the turnout on Highland Avenue and head up to the overview of Wachusett Mountain. Sit on a bench, breathe. If that parking spot is full, find the trailhead on Wildflower Lane. Hit the racetrack for a couple of loops.

Nolte Forest: Park at the turnout on Highland Avenue and head downhill into the woods to the south. You’ll wind around a beautiful white pine forest then up to the famous stone chimney of the Bungalo [sic]. It’s a small forest but a beautiful one.

I’m not going to recommend Doublet Hill in the slippery snow and leaves but hold onto that one if you have spikes and walking sticks. Now, I’ve got to go…see you at French’s Field.


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