Lights, Science and Sports at School Committee Tonight January 9

Wildcat Field (turf 1), a favorite of BAYS (pictured spring 2022) and field hockey

School Committee meets tonight, Monday January 9 at 6:30 pm. Please note the time as didn’t we used to meet at 7 pm? I dunno. More time to stream New Amsterdam after committee is done.

If the Owl had to call a theme night for School Committee, tonight’s psych-up would put you in your favorite Wildcat sports jersey. From possible privately-funded lighting at Turf 1 (that would be the Wildcat field if you like naming stuff), to Physical Education requirements to coaching to sports physics ( the Science Department program review is a bit hard to squish into my theme), I would have to call this pretty heavily on the turf side of life. Fine, there is some stuff about the Guidance Department and other policy review, but just work with me here. We’re all on the same team. Go ‘cats. Oh, and agenda is here.

Please note that School Committee this week is zoom only–there are no in person meetings with the community. If I had to guess, and I do since I am way too lazy to send a note over to SC to ask why no in-person, I would say this decision is Covid-based since some of us just got back from swimming the Covid-infested waters of international travel.

By the way, it must be said that the new agendas for School Committee are fantastic–one knows if there is a vote, if it’s just discussion, whether or not there will be cookies (oops, made that up) and how much time is spent on public comment. You also know what will be the major business of the next SC meeting which in this case is BUDGET on January 17. Yikes.

School Committee meeting is tonight, January 9 at 6:30 pm by ZOOM.

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