Season 4 of WPL’s “Meet Your Neighbors” Series Starts January 12

When we last left the heroines and heroes of Meet Your Neighbors, Kylie Minogue had just moved into a tear-down on Ash Street and was considering options for her new interior color scheme. Oh wait, wrong continent and wrong neighbors. Incidentally, did you know that the Australian soap opera Neighbors is on its 38th (!!!???!!!) season? This would be impressive except Days of our Lives, the American potboiler, has been on air since 1965. Ah yes, Owlets, no one cares.

So, in actuality, the Weston Public Library is on its fourth season of Meet Your Neighbors, which involves the meeting of absolutely live and in-person neighbors at the Reading Room at the Weston Public Library. The get-together is at 7 pm every Thursday evening from January 12 to March 2. As another random fact, March 2 will be the 60th wedding anniversary of the Grand Owls, and I think that is very worth celebrating, no?

Come on out and meet your neighbors!

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