Snow, Glorious Snow! And DPW Operations Review

Jericho! First!

Oh be still, my Nordic skiing heart! I see about two inches on the porch, and with luck, we’ll get a bit more. If you are a Nordic skier, the best spots are usually College Pond (park at Burchard away from ski dump hill to the left), Jericho (park at Dickson, or if impassable, park at Burchard), and Highland (park at Highland turnout or Wildflower if already plowed).

You can also walk into the woods–there is probably a trail entrance less than half a mile from your house if you’re on the coveted northside. Sorry, desirable southside but you can probably just schuss around your own 80 acres. If you do drive to a trail entrance, please make life as easy as possible for our plowing people who have an exciting day ahead even without your giant SUV in their path. Also, if you are a walker, please stay out of the ski trails–we have little time to enjoy the trail before they get messed up. Be good.

So, what are the DPW Snow Plans? The Owl reprints below the email about Snow Season that was sent one week ago. I will add only the following: be patient, give the plows space and respect, and enjoy the snow. If you don’t, you have less joy but the same. amount of snow. I know, I know, I say that all the time but I live in New England not because I enjoy the drivers or the “friendliness,” but because of four seasons, Jericho Town Forest and a lovely quiet of snow-filled woods. Ahem, here’s the goods:


Town of Weston Department of Public Works Snow & Ice Season

The Town of Weston, Department of Public Works’ mission during winter snow and ice events is to keep roadways or parts thereof, sufficiently clear of ice and snow and reasonably safe for public travel within 24 hours of initiating a snow and ice removal operation.
Sanding / Salting Operations:  Most snow and ice operations will initiate with salting / sanding.  Approximately 9 pieces of town salting / sanding equipment will be used with each piece being dispatched to a pre-assigned route. 
Plowing Operations:  Plowing operators generally begin when snow accumulates to depths of 2” with additional accumulation forecast.
For a plowable event, the town is divided into three sections each with an individual supervisor.  There are approximately 52 pieces of snow fighting equipment, 25 town and 27 private contractor pieces.  Each piece is dispatched to a pre-assigned route for the plowing operation.
Clearing Your Driveway / Cars:  During a long snow event, a plow may initially make just a single pass down your street to keep the road passable until the final clean-up is completed.  To avoid having to clear your driveway several times, please wait until plowing operations are complete before clearing your driveway!  Residents are prohibited from cleaning snow from their cars, driveways or walls into roadway areas.
Damages:  The town will not be held liable for damages incurred by plowed, thrown or moved snow and ice as the result of normal plowing operations. 
Comments and Questions:  The above is an abbreviated version of the Department of Public Works’ Standard Operating Procedures for the Snow and Ice Control Program – Winter 2022-2023.  For further information, you may contact Tom Cullen, D.P.W Director or Rich Sullivan, D.P.W. Deputy Director at (781) 786-5100 or email at

Who remembers Snowmaggedon 2015? Me. And this Owlet. First year in US for us.

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