CSI Weston at the Council on Aging January 24

Photo by Richard Bell on Unsplash

Have you ever planned a crime and wondered if you could get away with it? What? Not me, never ever, not even after Town Meeting. umm. Just so you all know, we do offer a Forensics class at Weston High School and it is one of the most popular by far. Makes you think, no?

In any case, if you just love watching CSI Miami or CSI Kalamazoo or whatever city they’re on (Elvis lives, you know, it’s been forensically proven), this upcoming program sponsored by the COA might just be for you.

On January 24 from 11 am -12:30 pm at the COA Community Room, venture into the world of Crime Scene Investigations with this interactive program that introduces you to the fascinating subject of forensic science. You will learn about the functions of a forensic scientist, fingerprints, and footwear impressions. Maybe some yuckier stuff–one can hope. Later we will head out to Burchard Park to get tire impressions to find out who keeps riding over the baseball fields. Oh, just kidding about the last part.

Forensic Scientist Paul Zambella was a crime scene investigator, criminalist, drug analyst, serologist and toxicologist at the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory for 36 years. He participated in more than 500 crime scene investigations, examined thousands of physical evidence items, and testified in more than 350 criminal trials. Imagine the “fun” things he’s seen like blood splatter and …stuff….

Call the COA at 781-786-6280 to register. The COA is located on the Ground Floor of the Community Center at 20 Alphabet Lane.

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