Draft Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Budget at Select Board Tonight Jan 24

Tonight at 6:30 pm, the Select Board takes on a series of not very interesting…oh wait, lookie here: Public Hearing: Presentation of the Draft Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Budget at 6:35 pm, if there are no resident comments. The Owl is expecting resident comments of the “what’s up with the JST?” and “why are we still remote?” and “why are there still three of you when we voted to have five” variety. The answer to the first is the Friends of the JST are reviewing master lease, the second is in the fine print at the top of the page (we can be remote until March 2023 at least) and the third may be answered at 7:45 pm. Or not. Join the zoom to be the first to know.

At 6:35ish, and for an hour, the draft fiscal year 2024 proposed budget will be presented. This is when you find out if we are getting a new fire truck, better benefits for our public workers or a town comfort dog. I totally want a town comfort dog. Alas, CPC will not approve that puppy. Up for discussion this year are a new field house to be located at Case Estates, a new $500 million high school (the 1963 one being a bit long in the tooth) and a new solar array on the Town Green. No, not really, but you didn’t want a spoiler anyway, right?

The agenda and zoom link are here.

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