Happy Knox Day, Weston!

General Knox, well-dressed badass, probably in his summer outfit. Image credit

The following post is a re-print (plus updated jokes and grammar) of last year’s Knox Day post). Don’t forget to wish K9 Knox a happy named-for-a-general day!)

Few Weston residents are aware that today is known as Knox Day, the day that a bunch of crazy Colonials rolled 500 huge cannons into the big city of Boston after passing through lots of towns including …yes, Weston! This is actually the last time anything really truly momentous happened in this town–January 24, 1776. Oh all right, apparently George Washingon slept a night in the tavern, possibly even in the room where the Weston Forest & Trail Association is setting up office. That’s our story, anyway. [2023: Washington did sleep in town but not at the JST–at the Flagg Tavern. You can see another fabulously fun post from the Owl about that event].

Knox, cannon and men rolled down (actually slid down, like last night’s traffic but on sleds) the curb-free and probably potholed Boston Post Road after an almost 300-mile journey from Fort Ticonderoga. Nope, it’s not just a pencil. Who knows if they stopped in the Tavern for some edamame and a pint (tiresome liquor laws not yet in effect)?

The event is memorialized in Weston in the form of Knox Park, home of 5000000 benches which would have been super helpful on that fateful day (yeah, he probably passed through Weston on January 23…the traffic through Waltham was a real bear) and also by the naming our awesome Slovakian/Westonian K9 Officer Knox. Which brings me a chance to post a gratuitous photo of the big fuzzball.

Happy Knox Day, Weston!

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