History Corner: Where is it Wednesday

And now for this week’s Where is it Wednesday, brought to you by the Weston Historical Society. This is a tough one.


Hint – This “notable example of a brick country house,” was constructed between 1895 – 1896 on a small, but “beautifully-kept” estate, which included an old farmhouse and a large new barn with living quarters for staff. The main house was renovated in 1920. The view from the estate was “…pronounced by [Picturesque and Architectural New England: Picturesque Massachusetts] to be more extensive and satisfactory than that from any other hill in Eastern Massachusetts.”

The answer will be revealed on Thursday on WHS’ Facebook and Instagram pages and below.


Textile manufacturer Francis A. Foster purchased 49 acres for his Doublet Hill mansion and estate. The Doublet Hill house was positioned for maximum dramatic effect while overlooking the 12 mile distance to the Blue Hills. “The house stands at the head of a long, open slope fronting toward Riverside and Wellesley, the steep, wooded pitch of the summit above and behind, constituting a season-varying background. The road by which the place is approached rises gradually from the river banks, and as it nears the house, winds slightly so that it can be seen from the windows in every room.

In 1920, the ABC Development Company of Boston purchased the Foster estate, along with additional nearby acreage, to develop the Pine Brook Valley Golf Club. The Doublet Hill mansion became the clubhouse and the barn was used as the locker room (destroyed by fire in 1947). Membership started in 1924 and in 1944, the Pine Brook Country Club was incorporated.

Photo credits: Weston Historical Society

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