Mamaleh’s Semi-Rural Delivery – January 26 and February 17

Mamaleh’s, the Weston Owl’s official source of lox and bagel, is heading into the wilds of Weston tomorrow, January 26, for their suburban drop-off.

For some reason, they keep terming this as a “pickup,” but I’m thinking it’s more a dropoff–like drop off that yumminess right into the backseat of my car. Why yes, it does feel a little like a drug deal out of the back of a small van in the parking lot of Dumpling Daughter but it turns out it is all completely legal.

Head over to Mamaleh’s online store, shop, dream and pay until noon on Thursday, January 26, then pick up your order between 5 and 6 pm at the arranged drug food drop. It’s not all lox of course and you can even get a complete Shabbat dinner or matzah ball soup or a chocolate layer cake slice, or all of the above. Wow, am I hungry all of a sudden. Sadly I will be repping Brazil at the Global Diversity Fair tomorrow and will have to go lox-less until the February delivery.

Mamaleh’s has been written up in the Owl here. Enjoy!

I love you, lox and bagel. See you next month!

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