Manic Monday: Weston Had 8 Crashes and 11 Off-Road Vehicles

Coming down Highland Ave like… no just kidding. Photo by Håkon Sataøen on Unsplash

Monday was a no-good, very-bad day on the roadways everywhere (I swear if someone from Weston, Florida sends me a comment that they only had to swerve to avoid a coconut, I am not responsible for my actions). A friend in Arkansas spent 5 hours trapped on a highway due to a wacky snowfall. Reports from our region were filled with cars that were sliding up and down hills, sliding into guardrails, and basically having a very bad time of it.

Most of us Westonians who had to be out and about recognize that those were about the worst roadways in recent memory. Yes, we ALL have stories of blizzards when we had to spend the night at the telecom headquarters in New Jersey where we worked because the highway closed. The good old days of campus cafeterias meant there was jello and noodle kugel for all. I do not highly recommend ergonomic chairs for sleeping though.

The Owl checked this morning with Captain Tom Kelly of Weston Police, the guy who knows everything and in a refreshing change from the Owl who knows lots and makes up the rest, actually has facts. Your intuition (and a perusal of Community facebook posts) is correct–there was an abundance of crashes and vehicles slipping off of roadways in town Monday afternoon–and those are just the ones that were reported. Eight car crashes. And 11 vehicles off-roading, including one poor school bus that got stuck in snow (but was not in an accident). Who thinks our school bus drivers are awesome? Me. And all of us northsiders who got our kids back an hour later than normal, but in one piece.

I have no details on injuries from these accidents and refuse to make something up. This time.

Drive safe, Weston.

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