Sudbury Valley Trustees: Owls, Pollinator Kits and For the Love of Nature

Bzzz bzzz…not an SVT pollinator because this one is in Washington state. Owlet photo.

The Weston Owl has a pyramid of land conservation trust love–maybe a trifecta, First (and bias alert, I’m a trustee of the top level) comes Weston Forest & Trail Association, then Lincoln Land Conservation Trust and then Sudbury Valley Trustees. What LLCT and SVT have that WFTA, as all-volunteer-led organization, does not are fantastic education programs, pollinator plant kits and offices (sigh for JST). By the way, WFTA still wins because we do as much as we do without paid staff and oh yeah, our town conservation lands and trails kick everyone’s tush. Oh oops, got competitive for a second–we are all friends.

Today looks like it will be a good day to stay in and watch nature videos. Yeah, I’m not even kidding, this is what we do over here in Owl central. Sudbury Valley Trustees recently had a fantastic program on the Owls of Massachusetts with tons of details, photos, and explanations of this beautiful raptor that eats its lunch whole and then pops out the remains which is a bit gross but still cool. My favorite owl is the barred owl which I meet from time to time in the conservation woods–sometimes in Jericho, sometimes in Highland. Her call of “who cooks for you?” makes me smile every time. So catch that video here–at 1 1/2 hours, it’s not a short interlude, but the pause button works. You could skip the first 10 minutes of info about SVT but why would you? They are awesome.

You can check out other upcoming events and walks and webinars at SVT here–the virtual gala on February 16 is For the Love of Nature and sounds like something everyone needs. Here’s the summary: “Tune in for engaging stories that reflect the powerful effect the natural world has on our lives.” Yes, please. It also has the most beautiful invitation photo ever created. Yes, they will ask you for money, but the event is free.

New this year at the SVT is the availability of pollinator plant kits. This is not new to the area of course–the Owl has been ordering pollinator kits from LLCT for several years now (the bur oak is sooooo happy as are the bee balms) and also from those folks in Framingham. You can never have too many pollinator plants or so I tell the therapist I had to hire to cut down on my addiction. Once SVT renamed the pollinator conservation group The Bumble Bee Project, I just threw up my hands and said, hey! just take all my money. So I had to fire the therapist. Here’s the info:

“The mission of The Bumble Bee Project is to conserve native pollination systems by providing specific habitat requirements and reducing threats for at-risk pollinators in the 36 communities of the Metrowest Conservation Alliance (MCA). The Native Pollinator Task Force guides this initiative.” Oh and guess what, Weston is one of the 36 communities of the MCA. Cool.

The Plant Kit for Native Pollinators is available at the online SVT Store. Included are 24 pint-sized plants with 3 plants of 8 different species that are known to provide resources for at-risk native bumble bees. The sale goes until the end of February and supplies are limited. When you place an order, you will receive an email with details for kit pick-up in June.

And that, my readers, is what I would do with my half-day from Weston Public Schools. Oh, and maybe go to the Storybook Trail at Wolbach Farm before the snow hits. The current book is about a fluffy musk ox and how can you resist? You can’t. More information here.


  • Thanks for the lovely post raising awareness about these issues!

    A PSA- the Weston Plant Pollinator Alliance ( has been working with the SVT Native Pollinator Task Force and nearby towns for several years to help raise awareness about and expand habitat for our region’s most threatened native pollinator species. Our first public display garden, along the Rail Trail near Concord Rd access point, is a NPTF designated Pollinator Preservation Garden. It contains 15 native plant species recognized as most beneficial to our most threatened native pollinators, especially bumblebees, and has been a stop on several SVT Public Pollinator Preservation Garden Tours in the past. Anyone can visit the display garden- all plant species are QR coded and you can read more about the project, plant species, where to buy native plants, and Pollination Preservation Gardens at our website!

    • This is great. Let your PR team know that they can send a note to the Weston Owl reporters any time to advertise stuff and events and to invite a reporter to the garden.

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