Community Forum with Weston Educators – Monday, February 6

On my mailbox yesterday (yes “on” not in) was a flyer about an upcoming Community Forum on Monday, February 6 at 6:30 pm with members of the Weston Education Association, aka the teacher’s union. The forum will be held in person in the Community Room of the Library, as well as available on zoom.

The Owl has little humor this morning and is working with a wireless keyboard built sometime pre-mouse. I am not going to editorialize the forum announcement mostly because I keep hitting the delete key instead of the Return key. The struggles are real, Weston. But I am going to ask that those of you interested in learning another perspective on our current schools situation to please attend remotely or in person. I am hopeful for a respectful and understanding discussion with the folks who work with our kids every day. It will not be an easy meeting for anyone.

My last strong recommendation no matter how you feel about the budget or unions or public employees or any of the teachers who will be there, do not get your information from social media.

School committee budget discussions are also being held today and tomorrow. I urge you to attend those as well. Agendas are here.

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