Community Forum with Weston Education Association Tonight Feb 6

This is a reminder that the teacher’s union, the Weston Education Association, will be holding a community forum tonight at 6:30 pm at the Weston Public Library Community Room. Topics will include compensation, working conditions, and personal and sick time. You may think you know what has been asked and what has been offered, but then again, you might not.

Folks, I had about three hours of sleep last night. Note that I am cranky, and that this is not an objective news source. I am biased towards Brazil, trails, owlets, wildlife and tacos in random order. This situation with the teachers’ contract has been going on for months and I admit that I am divided. One of my closest friends is on School Committee (and by the way, we have never shared confidential information) and two of the other members have been incredibly generous with their time with my questions.

I do not have a friend on Fin Com, and actually would put it to the contrary, but respect their work as a watchdog on expenses in this town. I am also a taxpayer.

I consider at least two teachers friends, have shared many a soccer sideline with others, and know deep in my heart that several teachers saved my kids from the pandemic downhill during eighth and ninth grades. And the World Cup blip of 10th. I most likely value them more than any person who does not have kids in public school–because I know what I know.

I hope that we can have a nice conversation tonight, in person or on zoom. I personally think we owe them that.

Weston Public Library 6:30 pm-8:30 pm. Zoom link:

We are all Wildcats.

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