Hot Off the Presses: Burger Night is Back at Weston Provisions on Feb 9

Set your alarm clock or Alexa app, Weston, because Weston Provisions’ Burger Night is back this Thursday, February 9, and with a vegetarian option. If you recall from the last massively successful Burger Night, burgers are incredibly coveted in this town (investigative reporting to follow on this phenomenon) and sold out way before demand subsided.

Given this learning and the learning that we have some vegetarians in town who would love to get in the magic, things will be run a bit differently this time. Weston Provisions will be taking orders on Thursday February 9 ONLINE ONLY starting at 3:30 until 7 pm or until sold out! Time slots will be available in 15 minute increments. If you show up outside of your time slot, you will be put to work on the grill and allowed only to smell fries and NOT EAT THEM. The horror.

Link is here. Orders are open only on Thursday. Did you get that? I said it three times now. You can only order online. And you should. Yum yum.

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