Get Your Krispy Kreme Fix and Help Out the WHS Class of 2024

Honestly, the title should just be “Donuts.” Because there are Krispy Kremes and then there is that local store that purports to sell donuts but really is all about iced coffee even in February. Because….Massachusetts people are nuts.

If you grew up or lived anywhere where Krispy Kreme stores exist, you will know the difference. You will also know how to wait in long lines, fortunately usually in nice weather. The Owl family spent six years in Miami Shores which is in the general zone of the North Miami Krispy Kreme and therefore I know what I am talking about. On my last visit to Miami, it was raining BUCKETS, maybe even tropical storm level, and we parked the rental car in the underwater parking lot, swam in, and there was still a line ten people deep. It’s a religion. I am not a donut person but I am a Krispy Kreme person. If you enjoy a good story, check out the Krispy Kreme history here.

But enough about me as usual. The Junior Class fundraiser is back, this time in support of the class of 2024 and their prom/post-graduation on the Green festivities. Here’s the info from their class president, Caleb Graupera:

The Weston High School Krispy Kreme fundraiser is back! Help support the Class of 2024 by buying a box of Krispy Kreme donuts!

All the donuts we are selling will be the original glazed flavor, and we are pricing each box of a dozen donuts at $12. There is no limit to how many each person can order.

Pick-up will be at Weston High School’s main entrance on Monday, March 6th, from 3:15 to 5:00. The order form will close on Monday, February 27th, so get your orders in soon!



And here’s an idea. If you do not like Krispy Kreme donuts, please do seek therapy, and then buy a box or three for some of our public workers. Who’s got WPD? WFD? DPW? Town Hall? The Owl? Oh wait, skip the last one, I’ve got my own. Please note the closest Krispy Kreme location to Weston, Massachusetts is the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Or the Weston High School on March 6.

Support the class of 2024! Go ‘cats!

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