School Committee Office Hour Tonight Feb 9 with Alyson Muzila

Tonight, February 9 at 8 pm, all Weston residents are welcome at the zoom office hour of Alyson Muzila, my (shhhh, it’s a secret) favorite School Committee member. As full disclosure because sometimes I am accused of being biased in spite of me always mentioning that I am biased, Alyson is a close friend of the Owl, a neighbor, a co-conspirator on the Wes-TEN and a pretty awesome volunteer for our town. In other words, seja gentil which is the new campaign of the US Consulate in Brazil … makes me wonder what’s going on there on their social media. Hmmm. Bonus track is below.

Alyson can roll with just about any topic as proven by past Wes-TENS (pre-School Committee days) about K9 cops, hedgehogs and town meetings. But you probably want to stick with School Business like PE policies and guidance counseling and budget. I would like to manifest my opinion that the Owlets have played WAY too much badminton in HS PE classes — scooter hockey would be much more fun except for the part when the scooters roll over fingers, or smash legs. Who misses the 80s and our total lack of a clue about safety? Not me. Okay, me.

Here’s the officialese:

The School Committee holds an office hour via Zoom every few weeks. The next office hour occurs Thurs., Feb. 9, at 8 a.m., and Alyson Muzila will be the committee member attending.

Join to express views or ask questions about topics that fall under the School Committee’s purview. Recent committee business, for example, has focused on budget planning for the 2023-2024 school year, and the proposed expansion of the substitution policy for physical education classes in Weston High School.

Zoom link:

By the way, if you are a Facebook follower, please do “like” the School Committee page where you will be informed of all upcoming meetings in a clear concise and non-Owl-like manner. I think they are also on Instagram but I only go there to check out Maynard’s Otis the Comfort dog page.


And here for your enjoyment is a screenshot of the US Consulate in São Paulo’s page. I am feeling a little sorry for them because in a country of 300ish million and a city of 13ish million, they have 11 likes for the “Be Nice” campaign. It’s been out for 22 hours. Go give them a like.

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