Forgot a Valentine’s Gift? Visit Larry Grob’s Open Studio for the Win

My driveway. Oh, wait, not. Image courtesy Larry Grob

Oops, did you forget a Valentine’s Day gift for your honey? How about one that will last forever and be a constant reminder of special places and times?

Here’s a suggestion: head over to Larry Grob’s home studio on Fairhope Road in Weston (after first making an appointment – 617-817-3123) and have a wonderful escape as well as an opportunity to shop like I do. Let’s see: one for me, one for you, one for me, two for me… etc.

There are original pastels, Giclée prints, framed and unframed paintings, small works, Land’s Sake and Weston scenes, greeting cards from pastel originals, and a wide selection of seascapes and landscapes. You can get an idea of the subject matter here at Larry’s website.

Truly lovely stuff. Shop local!

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