Sen. Mike Barrett and Rep. Alice Peisch in Weston on Saturday, February 25

The Weston League of Women Voters will hold a Coffee Hour on Saturday, February 25 at 11:00 am at the Weston Public Library Community Room (87 School Street).

State Senator Mike Barrett and State Representative Alice Peisch will be there to talk about their priorities for this legislative session and to answer questions on topics of interest to the audience.  

While the Owl will be unable to attend due to soccer games (what else is new?), I have questions that I will send on. Like what’s up with MBTA Communities? Also the whole public transportation landscape is confusing. Will Silver Hill ever open again? Will the long-rumored Waltham Hub come in and take over from all Weston stations, and if it will, let’s return to question number 1 about MBTA Communities. I am so in favor of public transportation but let’s be real: Massachusetts truly sucks at it.

Okey-dokey, that’s all opinion at the end. No one cares. I know.

Thanks to the League of Women Voters for this forum.

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  • Oh, I care. I care A LOT. Not only about Silver Hill, but about the ridiculous and completely broken public transportation situation in Boston and environs, and indeed in most of Massachusetts. I might even care enough to mask up and go to this meeting, if you want to send me your questions.

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