Weston High School Principals’ Coffee Tomorrow, February 14

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday February 14, at 9 am, Principal Peri and Assistant Principal Knight will be hosting a coffee and information session in the Weston High School Auditorium. The Owl is very very hopeful that there will be TREATS for Valentine’s Day. Tomorrow’s Spirit Day is to wear red or pink to school so please make a note of that.

Historically our principals’ coffees are not so well attended in person. I can’t quite figure out what happens to high school parents. Do they forget? Do they not care anymore? Have we all given up? Okay, I did miss the last one due to a doctor’s appointment but I generally LOVE these because you get to meet some of the staff you don’t know or maybe know but haven’t seen in forever.

Tomorrow you get to meet the Science and Math Department heads. Who are they? Jim McLaughlin, one of my all-time favorites at WHS, is the math department head. Why is he a favorite? He has both owlets in his class this year, after having just one owlet last year–and has totally kept his sanity. Also, he tells the best worst jokes in the world–I can practically guarantee he will come up with one for tomorrow. Finally, when we had “the Brazil incident” in December, he saved an owlet. Huge fan. And just to point out something here, this year marks Mr. McLaughlin’s 23rd year in Weston–anyone who thinks negatively of long-term teachers is just nuts. Fan club here. And I’m not even mathy.

Let me see: Science Department Head is Stephen Ribisi. I have not met Mr. Ribisi because he seems to be a Chemistry teacher and the owlets are not there yet. I am a little concerned about how long he has been in Weston because the site says he has been teaching in Braintree since 2012. Which, I believe, is not Weston. I am not making this up. It says so right here: https://www.westonschools.org/high/departments/science/. He also has a pretty nice resume from Yale and UC Berkeley. Wow. How do we get this awesomeness at Weston?

Let’s see. After math-y and science-y stuff, we get to June Academy! I LOVE June Academy. Do you know what it is? Well, don’t read the description on the WHS site because they use two words I cannot handle: “robust” and “facilitates.” Don’t ask, just make me crazy. Also there is talk of “spark”ing and “ignite”ing and I worry for the WHS going up in smoke. As if the 1963-era concrete would light. Anyway, the Academy has a bunch of short courses for kids to choose from and learn something new and have fun at the end of a long school year. The Seniors will already be gone. June. Learn more and better tomorrow from the Advisors who seem to be Michael Sanford and Lana Paone.

A recording of the meeting will be posted for those unable to attend. You, however, will not get treats.

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