Weston Police Alert: Colpitts Post Box

Message from Weston Police on their Facebook page this morning:

Last night, the mail drop box on Colpitts Rd was broken into once again. Weston Officers were in the area and immediately located the suspect vehicle, which evaded the police at high, unsafe speeds and was not able to be stopped.

The vehicle then went directly to a Post Office in Arlington where they broke into that mailbox as well and subsequently were pursued by Arlington Police into Medford when the suspects got away again.

If you put checks into the mailbox on Colpitts Rd anytime between Friday afternoon and this morning, assume that they have been stolen and will likely be altered and result in a forgery against your account. We strongly urge you to cancel these checks and notify your bank immediately.

We would further recommend never using outside mail drop boxes, as this crime is occurring constantly all over our area. We have unfortunately been fielding these types of fraud reports from victims almost daily. Your safest bet is to bring mail inside the Post Office for delivery.


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