Invitation to Boys Hockey Senior Night – Wednesday, February 15

And now, in the grand finale of Senior Nights this winter season, Boys Hockey takes to the ice at Rivers (333 Winter Street) tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15 at 6 pm. At 5:45, the seniors will be introduced in a mind-blowing extravaganza reminiscent of Rihanna on multi-platforms…well, technically it’s just that parents seem to be mostly in the upper deck and students and skaters downstairs but who is counting? Me.

The Boys Hockey Program is a cooperative with Dover-Sherborn and Weston, which brings my sole soul a small amount of pedestrian joy in its acronym. DSW (with a combined mascot of Wildcats/Raiders) will be taking on the Medway Mustangs–and it is a well-known fact that horses are not good ice skaters. Or are they? Come and find out.

There are 7 seniors this year, five from Weston and two from Dover-Sherborn. There are three senior captains (Finn Maher, Thomas Sacco, and Matthew Korbin – all from Weston). There are two Assistant Captains from D-S who are juniors (Sawyer Garzone and Andrew Marden).

Here are the seven seniors and their numbers because I promise you that unless the kid is your own, you will not recognize them on the ice with all their pads and helmets and weaponry. Trust me on this. At the Girls Senior Night a couple of weeks ago, I randomly cheered for everyone because I could not recognize my two neighbors. Probably cheered for a Wayland girl which in this case is good because that is a coop with Weston-Wayland.


#4 Finn Maher (W) Captain

#6 Thomas Sacco (W) Captain

#7 Crossan Carothers (DS)

#8 Joey Perdoni (DS)

#9 Matthew Korbin (W) Captain

#12 Ian Chang (W)

#16 Henry Hamblett (W)

The coaches are Alex Marlow (Head Coach), Mike Heyde (A), George Jenkins (A), and Kurt Borgman (JV).

Coaches Jenkins, Marlow and Heyde

The seniors will be introduced at 5:45 pm sharp, and then their parents will be forced to slide across the ice in regular shoes to get flowers and hugs. Oh, oops, no, the players go to their parents. Are we in the entertainment business here, folks? No.

The head coach of DSW is Alex Marlow, a 2007 Weston High graduate, and former 3-sport athlete. He started as an assistant coach back in 2017-2018, a year before the Co-Op began, and then took over as head coach in 2020-2021. Go ‘cats!

The Owl got a note from Alex literally one second after hitting send on the first posting, but here is his wonderful perspective on the boys:

“This group is a really special group of guys. Much of that starts with our Seniors because back when this Co-Op started it was tough to bring two teams together as one. Players don’t really know each other, they aren’t friends, and it is just hard to get chemistry on and off the ice. However, this group of seniors was the first ones to really buy in and get to know each other from both schools. They set the foundation for this new program and allowed all the other classes to follow in their footsteps. For this reason and because of the work they put in when they were underclassmen, this program is so close and in the great shape it is now. We will miss their leadership and their personalities, but their lasting impact on this program will always be known.”

According to parent Lori Sacco, the season has been up and down, and the team has lost several games by 1 or 2 goals. But never say never because if the team wins the next two games, they are in the running for the TVL small title and postseason play. And you know what helps teams win games? A huuuuuuuuuuuuge crowd of loud and positive fans!

Go DS-W Raidercats! Wilders? Hmm.

All photos courtesy of Lori Sacco.

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