Merriam Barn: Three Cheers for Spontaneous Museums

It feels like MONTHS since I have posted about my obsession with the Merriam Barn but I think you’ll find I rolled it in as recently as a couple of weeks ago. The ruins of this 1876 barn just make me so happy. The original Owl story about the Cherry Brook Farm (official name) is here. The story of the Eagle Scout who started the clearing of the site is here. A search of the site will bring many other mentions and time wasters.

And now, it appears, we have our very own spontaneous museum at the site. As people wander through, or the Stewardship Saturdays clear more brush and invasives, magical little farm items appear and are set one after the other on the stone wall. And everyone seems to respect the museum wall and items do not disappear (also if you steal stuff, you will be struck by lightning, I have this on good authority).

If you haven’t been over to the barn and enjoy rusty mystery objects, head over to the Community Garden and park there, cross Merriam Street and take the Conservation trail that runs between the Brush Dump driveway and the “onion field.” Inside the paddock, find a museum. Love.

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