Wayland-Weston Crew Fundraiser: Support Dub-Dub

Ah here we go, another one of my favorite high school sports, Wayland-Weston Rowing, is going into fundraising mode. As a former collegiate and masters rower, I am very very fond of rowing, though my injured hamstring is not. Rowing is arguably the “most team” of team sports and when I say arguably I will tell you that Mr. Owl and I do actually argue about it. Soccer vs Rowing. Hmmm. What cannot be denied is that it is the most beautiful of team sports when all of the rowers are coordinated as one. Sigh. Love it. Miss it. Not the 4:45 am reveille for Wellesley Crüe Iron Maiden (if you missed the 80s, forget it), but just about everything else.

Head of the Fish and lots of clash-y orange and maroon. Photo credit: Chris Biddle

What is true about rowing is that it is one heap-expensive sport. Those beautiful shells (rowing terminology for “boat”) are not inexpensive, even when WWRA gets a discount, or buys a pre-owned vessel. So this fundraiser which involves FOOD is very important to “Dub-Dub” (never ever Blub-Blub) crew…and you get the benefit of being entered into a restaurant sweepstakes.

How it Works: When you donate $20 (or more) in Wayland-Weston Crew’s “2K 2023 Restaurant Sweepstakes,” you’ll have a chance to win the Grand Prize worth $2,000, or another one of the 23 prizes. Enter between now and 11:59 pm on March 27, 2023.

The 23 prizes will be presented at the end of the Saturday practice on April 1, 2023.

The current status of the fundraiser shows the thermometer stuck on $2,800 on its way towards $20, 230. That’s a ways to go. The Owl’s suggestion is to toss in some moolah to help these dedicated student-athletes. You can find out more and donate here.

Photo credit: Chris Biddle. What exactly is the crew in the back doing? No idea. Go W-W

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