Mamaleh’s is Making Your Shabbat Dinner Tonight But Order by Noon

Okay, Mamaleh’s, the Owl is not made of steel. Sending these emails to me at the witching hour post-hike and pre-lunch makes me want to observe Shabbat. By the way, I have detected a Brit at Mamaleh’s, tell me if I’m wrong: here’s their heading: “Order a Shabbat Dinner Package and have your meal sorted.” I do not believe the Americans have their meals “sorted” but Brits do. There’s your intercultural lesson of the day.

If you order by noon, you can pick up this awesome meal outside Dumpling Daughter and Heirloom between 5-6pm today. There are of course many other things to order from Mamaleh’s but only 51 minutes left before orders close.

Make sure to choose Suburban Delivery and Weston in the checkout “lane” after you have your meal “sorted.” Do not forget to order the nova or you will regret it. Trust me.


Feel free to call Mamaleh’s if you’d like some help navigating the ordering process: 617.958.3354.

Shop local! (Mamaleh’s is partly-owned by a Weston family).

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