The Wes-TEN Launches Show #31: Iron Horse Dressage

Why is this day so full of news? It’s 1 pm, I have 4000000000 things to do and it just keeps coming. I haven’t forgotten you, Weston Indoor Track, just hang on a bit. First things first, and that’s a 10-ish minute diversion from real life to watch Weston’s local news show, with all the excitement of Weston, in ten minutes or less, between two pines. Yes, it’s the Wes-TEN 31: Iron Horse Dressage.

This time, the intrepid reporter, filmmaker, and producer drove out to the wilds of Framingham to visit Iron Horse Dressage, a place that really should be in Weston, and is owned and managed by Weston resident Wendy McKelvy. Well, maybe her Leonbergers Winston and Churchill really run the place–you’ll get two photobombs from one of them.

You will meet Stanley Edwards who just won the 2022 National Second Level Dressage rider award, and who grew up in Weston right there on Country Drive when it was a country drive and horses trit-trotted by. And you get to meet Wubbo, the world’s most loveable extremely large and accomplished black horse. A Frisian because if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much. Fine, I’ve been waiting two years to use that comment.

Enjoy! You can find the Wes-TEN on Weston Media Center’s page here. You are allowed to become as obsessed with Wubbo as we are.


The Wes-TEN episode 31 is dedicated to the memory of Stanley’s mom, Jeanne Edwards, who passed away in December. She loved Wubbo. We all Wub Wubbo. You can find Jeanne’s obituary here.

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  • What a wubberful character you interviewed, Alyson! Frisians are so elegant with their fancy fetlocks. Ride-em, cowgirl!

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