Weston Baseball and Softball: Last Chance for Spring Sign-Up

Cubbies forever.

Ah, Little League. How I used to love the spring afternoons/evenings/weekends/every moment on the sidelines at Burchard, Bogle and Burt fields…why we don’t have people sign up for BuBoBu Baseball is beyond me. The name Cherry Brook does wreck it a bit.

In any case, what a wonderful organization, led by volunteer parents and coaches, and so very welcoming. They even welcomed one little fresh-from-Brazil Owlet who was brand new to baseball at age 8–he took eons to figure out how to hit a ball with a bat and not his foot. I’ll never forget the first day he got on base–he got beaned by his friend Grant who was pitching and instead of crying, he smiled a huge smile and ran to first base–well, okay he limped a bit; that was a hard throw.

There are softball & baseball leagues for just about every age, there are really great coaches, and of course, beautiful Burchard Park!

Anyway, Owl stamp of approval. Sign up the littles or regret it. Last chance.

The season starts the week of April 24th. Let’s play ball!

Go ‘cats! And Cubs…and which are the other teams? Hmmm.

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