Town Roadway Construction Projects: What It Means For You, Weston

Actual photo of Merriam roadway paving. No, not really. Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash


If you do not receive the weekly Department of Public Works (DPW) newsletter, consider signing up (go to this link and then choose to which town communications you wish to subscribe). I admit that I don’t always read it, but I have found out many items when I do–like when the Merriam Street bridge got downgraded to a 3-ton bridge (and trust me there are still vehicles totaling more than 6 tons going over it–I’ve seen it) and when the Merriam sidewalk was getting its curbing. It is stunning what our small Department of Public Works team gets done in a week, a month or a year, so if you want to be amazed, take a look. You can see the most recent one, which I quote below, at this link.


Pretty map, no? Image credit

Today I could not resist following along with the Roadway Construction map and plan. Yes, I am on vacation but this is how I entertain myself at 7 am since I am no longer able to run. And then I start looking at the map and the words, and I don’t get it. Someone please send me a note and explain to me why my road is yellow on the map for work being done in fiscal year 2022, and yet has disappeared from the plan for 2023 (and nothing was done in 2022). Have I explained before the Brazilianism “isso não cola?” Let me go back and look. No…here’s a brief Portuguese tutorial:

Isso não cola means “this does not stick” or rather “this glue is not holding”. You can demonstrate how something is not making sense by pinching your thumb and index finger together and then pulling them apart so that it looks like the instant glue you just used to fix a bowl is not quite holding things together. Do not actually try it with glue.

What’s not gluing is the plan versus actuals on roadway reconstruction and the absolute disappearance of some roads from the list in the newsletter:

2023 Roadway Reconstruction Program

Utility work needs to be appropriately coordinated and completed, the following roads are expected to be worked on this construction season.  

Round 1 (April/May/June timeframe)

  1. Ridgeway Road (portion)
  2. Chiltern Road
  3. Old Colony Road
  4. Ferndale Road
  5. Columbine Road
  6. Dean Road

Round 2 (July/August/September timeframe)

  1. Bittersweet Road;
  2. Stillmeadow Road
  3. Black Oak Road
  4. Nobscot Road
  5. Hickory Road
  6. Briar Road

On the radar depending on how the season goes:

  1. Willard Road – drainage work;
  2. Bemis Road – drainage work;
  3. Walnut Road (public section);
  4. Linwood Avenue
  5. Elliston Road

Not seeing your road? Me neither. My plan is to contact DPW and ask what happened to my small street. Maybe we have finally been absorbed by Lincoln. And why are we not doing my small street at the same time as the small street it comes off of? I suspect that my traffic engineering degree has been suspended after my feedback on the Intersection of Doom.

Enjoy your new subscription to DPW!

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