“A Newsworthy Evening” with the Wes-TEN and the Weston Owl – March 2

In a shocking turn of events, both the Wes-TEN and the Weston Owl have been declared “news” and we have been invited by the Women’s Community League (aka the Weston Community League) for cocktails and conversation on March 2 from 7-9 pm. Do bear in mind that the Owl is an introvert and only going because Alyson promises to do all the talking.

In case you are new to Weston, the Wes-TEN is the local not-quite-the-news cable and online show started by Weston Media Center in 2018 and still going strong after the pandemic (episode 31 was just launched a week ago). You can watch past shows online here. Personal favorites are when we met Wubbo, Quilly and Knox, introduced the Wes-saissance, and of course, kept up our sense of humor during the pandemic with the Quaran-TEN.

The Wes-TEN is co-written by Alyson Muzila and me, reported by Alyson, edited and filmed by Alanna Muldoon at the Weston Media Center, and produced by me. I have no idea what producers actually do but I generally hang around behind the camera, find silly props, re-paint the two pines, and order cupcakes. I am pretty sure that’s what Quentin Tarantino does minus the cupcakes.

Do I need to describe the Owl? No, I think you’ve got it. I am the sole writer, marginal editor and private equity investor of the Owl, except for some appreciated guest posts and donations from time to time.

Members of WCL may attend free, others may join for $20 as space allows–we expect a sell-out. Books and t-shirts will be signed after the show. You can register here. Learn more about the WCL at their website here.

Hope to see you there!


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