Weston Table Closes Doors In Weston: Will Re-Open Retail Store Nearby

Weston Table display, 2019

Announced yesterday on Weston Community (Facebook), the flagship store of Weston Table on Boston Post Road has closed its doors. The online store, which is the vast majority of business, remains open and thriving. While trying to keep editorial comment out of my first paragraph, I will fail completely and mention how sorry I am to lose the retail store. As I look back on a post from 2019 when WT opened its doors in Weston (post is from Facebook; the Owl was not yet in business), it was a 5-D experience of smell, sound, touch, sight and taste. What a loss, Weston.

Weston Table’s owner Dianne O’Connor is a Weston-resident and herself a storyteller. If you have ever met her inside the store, she would walk with you and explain about the artist, the item and the function (or lack thereof). Dianne has traveled extensively and would also trade a few words in Portuguese with me or an owlet who was with me. The Owl caught up with Dianne yesterday by electronic means.

“The retail store was a tiny percentage of our sales but required a great deal of time and management,” said Dianne. “We can’t find the right people to staff it here in Weston.”

The wall of oyster plates will move elsewhere


I own several gorgeous items from the store–just a few, but beautiful every one, and each has a story or a gift-giver behind it. In my office of trees and owls, an evergreen blanket made from recycled bottles was a gift from Dianne at the beginnings of the retail store. A snow globe with labrador and tree a gift from another friend. A rabbit pillow a gift to myself. Items will still be available online, and if you haven’t subscribed to their emails, you are missing out on a breath of beauty in your inbox. You can still do that. As of now, delivery is still free in the 02493.

Plans are to re-open in a nearby location–a bigger space with more foot traffic, and perhaps in a spot more desirable to a new and excellent store manager. While the Owl will plan to visit and shop, we’ve lost big joy and pleasure in downtown Weston.

This post from October 12, 2020 wil explain how cranky I am right now:


Shop local!! Best of luck, Dianne and see you online!

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  • Dear Owl, Say it isn’t so. The nicest place in town, my go to for all gifts, peaceful and pleasant to the eye and I never leave empty handed. I am heartbroken that our town could not realize what a gift to Main Street this store was. I am sure from an owner’s point of view it is very difficult but listening to Diane’s knowledge about items, when she was there, was like going into a museum. I hope their online business does well but somehow hands on is more my style. Best of luck and please find a little shop in downtown. We need you.

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