Brush Your Teeth, Weston – Flouride Will Not Be in Our Water for a Bit


This morning a townwide email was sent out by Crest the Board of Health about a Temporary Flouride shutdown. The Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) is going to be replacing portions of piping over the next few months (is anyone else tempted to make this into dentistry analogies like root canals and teeth caps? No? Okay, I’ll leave it alone.) Here’s the official write-up:

The Weston Board of Health would like residents to be aware that the MWRA is replacing portions of the fluoride feed piping and equipment at the Carroll Water Treatment Plant serving MetroWest and metro Boston communities, MWRA will need to shut down the fluoride feed for a few months starting in early March. While fluoridation is important for dental health, health officials indicate that this short-term shutdown does not require any special additional action by consumers. 
The current schedule is for the work to begin in March, with the fluoridation system being off-line for approximately three months. MWRA will provide periodic updates on the project and post information on MWRA’s website at

 The oral health experts at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health indicate that consumers do not need to take any special additional action during this short-term shutdown. 

If you have any concerns, check with your dental care provider. For more information on your drinking water, please visit or call 617-242-7283.

Brush Up, Weston!

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