Child Find Services: Courtesy Post for Weston Public Schools


The Owl has been asked to post the following notification for Weston Public Schools. This will not be editorialized in any way except to state that the loss of the Weston Town Crier is felt in many ways–one of which is the public notice system.

What is Child Find Services? According to,

  • Under federal law, public schools must look for, find, and evaluate kids who need special education.
  • This is called Child Find, and it covers kids from birth through age 21. 
  • It applies to all kids, including those who are homeschooled or in private schools, plus kids who are migrants or without homes.

Find out more at this link.


It is the responsibility of the Weston Public Schools to identify any child who may have a disability who is either a resident of the Weston Public Schools or who attends a private school within the geographic boundaries of the Weston Public Schools even if the student is not a resident of Weston Public Schools. This also includes students who are homeschooled. 

Weston Public Schools is also responsible for the evaluation of those students to determine if they are eligible for special education or related services under Federal law, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) or, Massachusetts State Law, 603 CMR 28 (Massachusetts Special Education Regulations). 

Weston Public Schools is also committed to identifying children before their third birthday in order to provide early intervention services for three and four-year-olds with disabilities. If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s development and would like to have him/her screened, please call Emily Tucker, Assistant Director for Student Services at 781-786-5240 to set up an appointment. 

If you suspect that your child may need an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services, you may request an evaluation, at no cost, through the Weston Public Schools Student Services Office. Please contact us at the following: 

Martha Bakken, Student Services Director, 89 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02193, 781-786-5240 


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