OC at Intuitive Wellness on Friday March 3: Anniversary Celebration


The Owl has been informed that there is an “OC” or “Open Crib” at Intuitive Wellness in downtown Weston on Friday evening, March 3. Because of Weston’s archaic liquor laws (yeah, I know, we are not alone–but Massachusetts is somewhat nutty on this), it is also BYOB. I am absolutely in love with the term “OC” which of course the owlets taught me and now I mis-use with abandon just to annoy them. “OC” means the parents aren’t home in case you missed that teenager tutoring moment. Except in this case, the parents are home if you count co-owners Laura Martel and Hailey Blackburn who will most definitely be there.

Intuitive Wellness, which has been covered at least twice by the Owl and maybe more — far too lazy to look– celebrates one year in its current cute-house location, having moved across BPR from a “garden apartment” if you are a Brit or basement if you are less twee.

There will be donuts, cake, tacos and lots of other mega caloric treats available–wait, what? This is a “wellness” location? Ummm. I do not know what the treats are but there will be a clown and a magic show…wait, no, that’s something else. Don’t forget to use the secret password of “Weston Owl” to get the good brownies. Well, it could happen.

Come celebrate one year with an amazing local business. Please RSVP here by February 28.

Intuitive Wellness is located at 436 Boston Post Road. https://www.intuitivewell.com/

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